iOS 10: What to Expect ?

On June 13th, during the WWDC event Tim Cook unveiled iOS 10.0, describing it as the “biggest release ever” for the iOS users. The new version released has some major updates to show which includes wide range of new apps & services, newer and better features, updated SIRI, photos and Maps as well as a new version of Apple Music and Apple Pay. Phew! Now, that is definitely a lot of updates. It seems like 2016 is going to be a face-off for iOS and Android, as both Android N and iOS 10.0 are appearing positive and promising to the audiences.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the features that made Tim Cook call this release the biggest ever.

Revamped Lock Screen
iOS 10.0 has redesigned the lock screen, thus improving your overall user experience. Apple has finally decided to do away with the “slide to unlock” feature, which has been a part of Apple devices since its inception. Why? When the iPhone 6s and 6sPlus arrived, they introduced the superfast Touch ID, which allowed users to bypass the lock screen. As a result, people were forced to bypass the notifications as well. In order to prevent this, iOS10.0 has introduced the “Raise to Wake” feature, which activates the lock screen as soon as you pull out your phone, enabling you to view the notifications. This screen is displayed even before you go to the Touch ID. Instead of “Slide to Unlock”, you have “Press home to unlock” which can be unlocked using Touch ID, or “Press home to open” which is used when the device is unlocked but is not on the home screen. Apart from this, the lock screen appears to be brighter than before, and does not dim even when notifications appear on your screen. These two options to unlock the home screen is definitely going to revamp the whole user interface, and thus the experience.

Express Better with iOS10
Sharing and expressing has been made better with iOS10.0. You can share your handwritten thoughts in an animated form with this new OS. The message bubbles can be customized to your moods. Invisible link is a great way to share secret messages with your friends; in fact this also helps share photos. Animated celebration messages can be posted with this new release. Tapback, a new feature allows you to send a tap for six quick responses. It’s a quick messaging tip, just to know if they are fine. Stickers and more have added personal touch to the way you message. This is definitely going to be a tough competition to the chatbots that have been released with Android N.

Smarter Siri
Siri has been smarter and absolutely incredible with this new release. You can integrate the third-party apps with your Siri, and can get this smart-brain to actually perform the tasks on these apps for you. For example, you want to write a message on a particular messenger, ask Siri to do it for you. In fact, viewing photos, sharing the photos etc. activities have become easy with Smart Siri.

Another feature that has been released is the QuickType keyboard. This will interpret the difference between what you are saying and what the computer has understood. For this Siri uses deep learning to understand the words and the influencer that tries to change the meaning to these words. Siri in fact will be able to analyze conversations and get brilliant insights on your user. This will help marketers in rooting to their target audience, and maximizing their reach.

iMessage & Music
You can easily access the other apps, and continue with your activities while on your messaging app with the new iOS 10.0.

Music has come with a newer and better design, which makes it interesting. With a simple & intuitive interface, you can enjoy your songs and even curate your playlists. Viewing lyrics has been made easy with this new version. If you don’t listen to a track, it is automatically removed from your playlist, thus improving your music experience.

Smarter Maps
Maps are now smarter with better and highly intuitive interface. You could not look beyond the route you have looked for in the map in the earlier versions. Panning and zooming was difficult in the previous versions. iOS 10 has changed it all. You can zoom into complex routes and long stretches. In fact, you get a better idea of the routes and the traffic along them with these maps. You can even look for alternate routes with this new map feature.

Rich notifications and simple interface is definitely going to win users over. iOS 10 is going to prove itself as one of the design changing moments for iOS users. Speculated to be released with the new iPhone, only time will tell if it was worth the wait or not.

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