Red Flags to Consider when Hiring a Web Designing Company

We all have read and heard about hundreds of stories of people who hired professional web designing companies (as they claim to be) to design and develop their websites but ended up with websites that were of inferior quality. Some incidents were also about how they got cheated and the developers ran away with their money. Then there are also instances where people hired friends or relatives for designing/ developing websites and the results they got were lethal.

Startups or small enterprises usually make such grave mistakes when planning to mark their business online. But it is always advised to weigh the pros and cons of hiring just about anyone to develop something that represents you and your work on the web. A website is not merely a collection of webpages exhibiting you and your work but something of a higher importance; it is the first impression of your organization and is undeniably responsible for generating revenue for you. Therefore, it’s really important to hire a professional web designing company to take care of your job.

However, there are a few inquiries that you should definitely make when deciding upon a web designing company. For the reason that, a good website can help you make money off the internet, whereas a bad one can make you lose on profits and ultimately lose on the investments that you shall make to get the website up and running.

There are some red flags for you to watch out for, like:

1. Is it a real firm?

You might feel that your friend or relative is a great website designer, but question yourself “Will you be able to negotiate or provide the honest critical feedback to them?” People these days claim to have huge teams at the back-end, have a great portfolio but in reality there are just a single or a few people working on designing and development. Make sure that the team or company you hire is a real firm with a good number of people working with them. You can always ask them to provide you with references and see samples of their previous work.

This has another justification, you will be able to provide them honest feedback and be straightforward if you don’t like anything you see, which obviously is a bit challenging in case of your friends or relatives designing your website.

2. If your website will be designed from the scratch?

Majority of web designing companies these days use per-fabricated templates. And we are sure, you would not want a website that has already been overused and is generic. A virtuous designing firm always designs websites from the scratch, as per your requirements and this is what makes them stand out from the hordes of other organizations of the same domain.

This certainly shall cost a bit extra but it will be a smart investment and you obviously will not want to put your website and business for saving just a few bucks. Hence, always opt for a company that has a name in designing good and interactive websites from the scratch and does not rely on per-fabricated templates.

3. Do they incorporate the principles of SEO in the website they design?

A good website designing company knows the importance of incorporating the SEO principles onto a website. They have in-depth knowledge and importance of these principles, about how they are applied to the code, the copy and the content of the website. Hiring a company that is not familiar with these concepts will result in lower rankings of your website (and the keywords) on the search engines.

So, if you want your website to be visible up in the search engine rankings, hire a competent designing firm.

Web designing, undeniably is one of the major aspects of running the business successfully online. And if this aspect is not properly met by a designing firm then you should start heading for greener pastures.

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