Stop thinking, just feel

Stop thinking.
Stop analyzing and over-reacting.
Stop worrying.
Stop playing the tape forward.
Stop searching for red flags.

Smile. Feel your cheeks hurting as you laugh at him chase his cat around the room, arms stretched, fingers wide open, meowing.

Feel the vibration of your phone as he calls you several times a day and the laughter that ensues with each conversation.

Feel your muscles relax in his hands as he rubs your feet and studies your skin with the tips of his fingers.

Feel the hairs stand up on the back of your neck as he kisses you, his soft lips melting into yours, his tongue sliding through your mouth like he’s slipping into salvation.

Feel his hands fiddle in yours as he anxiously opens his heart to you little by little, telling you stories about his childhood and all the blacks and purples and blues and yellows his bruises have faded into.

Feel his heart beating loud against your ear as you fall asleep on his chest, the slow and steady cadence of his breath.

Feel his soft kisses on your forehead in the middle of the night, a silent reminder of how much he cares.

Feel his presence in these little moments of magic.