Tips for proper handling and storage of human skulls

The demand of human skulls has always remained high, as they are deployed for different functions, some of which include medical research, classroom training and artistic purposes.

After buying a real human skull model, next step for the individuals is to take care of it properly. Even though the skulls are quite durable, appropriate care is necessary to ensure long-term usage.

Different tips related to storage and handling of human skull and bones are discussed below.

Storage conditions

The bones should not be stored in a place which is prone to fluctuations of temperature. It is because the regular increase and decrease of the temperature may increase its brittleness. This may, ultimately, result in the breaking of the bones. Therefore, the bones should be kept in an environment that offers a constant temperature.

Exposure to the sunlight for longer duration is another major cause that can negatively impact the bones. In order to prevent the damage of the proteins of the bones, it is necessary to guard them from ultraviolet conditions.

Handling the human skulls

While handling the human skull, it is necessary to use both the hands. Also, lifting the skull via eye sockets or cheekbones should be avoided to prevent any damage.

One can also purchase a carrying case to ensure the safety of the skulls. To ensure better insulation against damages, only the cases with foam padding should be purchased.

Being a porous material, bones tend to absorb liquid quite easily. Therefore, it is essential to handle the bones with clean hands, as the bones can absorb the oils from the human skin. In order to prevent the skull and bones from environmental pollution, it is vital to place them in a display case.

Cleaning of the bones

For cleaning the bones, a brush with gentle bristles should be used. While cleaning, only the surface of the bone should be wetted with the help of warm soapy water. Complete soaking of the bones in the liquid is avoided, as it can lead to cracks after the drying. Hydrogen peroxide is also an important chemical, which is implemented for the whitening and sterilization of the bones.

All these methods will ensure that the skulls remain shielded from damage, and are usable for an extended duration.

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