Monsoon kerala trip

Kerala along with the tour packages also has many offers like Ayurvedic spas, massages and therapies which will benefit you. They form a part of the tour package and you can avail these kinds of tour packages when you book them in advance. You can specify the type of Ayurvedic therapy that you desire or you can also consult experienced doctors who would suggest the type of therapy or massage for your body type. Usually monsoon is the best time for Ayurvedic therapies because during monsoon the moisture in the atmosphere is very high and hence the pores in our body will be open and will absorb the therapy oils that are used. This will help to rejuvenate our body. Another unique thing about Kerala is its Cuisine. The spicy and tasty food that is made here is mouthwatering. From the different breakfast choices to fish specialties Kerala cuisine has a lot of varieties. The traditional Onam Sadya is also much sorted after by all tourists. Kerala holiday packages will include prices of travel and stay and you can choose the type of tour package according to your budget. If you want to avail the Ayurvedic packages in your travel you can choose the package according to the price of the Ayurvedic package.