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Jan 17, 2019 · 3 min read


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Valentine’s Day is here again! It is yet another opportunity for you to present a special gift to that special woman in your life. If you are confused about what to buy for your wife/girlfriend on that day, there are some options available. One of these options is a piece of jewelry. Ladies generally tend to appreciate gifts like this on that special day.
Buying a piece of jewelry for this special day can be nerve-wracking. Do you even know where to begin? What should you buy? Where do you get them? How do you know the best piece for her? These are more questions are likely running through your mind now. Trouble yourself no longer! Discussed below is expert advice on how to buy jewelry for that special women on Valentine’s Day.

1. Notice what she already wears.

The first step is to find out what she really likes. Take note of what she wears every day, especially whenever she goes for a night out. Buy only those pieces she frequently uses. Don’t assume she didn’t use it because she didn’t have. She may not like using it!

2. Notice her style preferences.

Jewelry is meant for fashion. Every woman has her own personal style preference. Considering earrings, for instance, verify if she wears studs or hoops. Does she like simplicity or something complex? Your best bet is to buy something similar to what she already wears with a bit of variation.

3. Ask your female friends for help.

Once you are able to identify what she likes, the next step is to ask your female friends for recommendations. Tell them about your intentions and the outcome of your research based on what she already has/likes. Your female friends will probably tell you the trending styles, prices, and even where to buy them. Be careful to ask her friends or else the surprise can leak.

4. Buying a Engagement Ring / Promise Ring.

Love is in Air! Pop the question on love day with a special engagement ring. Choose from solitaire, vintage, heart-shaped, princess, cushion cut and more affordable styles. Show your commitment with a promise ring. She’ll know you’re devoted to her and will feel extra special.

5. Know her size.

Just like clothes, ladies also have different sizes for pieces of jewelry, especially when you want to buy rings, bracelets, waist/head chains, etc. Go to her jewelry box, pick out similar jewelry and trace it out on a paper.

6. Set a budget.

Decide how much you want to spend on your jewelry gift and try to stick to it regardless of the distractions in the jewelry store. Also, the price should be appropriate to your stage of the relationship. Spending too much at the initial stages can be harmful to you and your relationship.

7. Do some homework on metals and gems.

When you get to the jewelry store, the attendant will most likely use some terminologies for you. If you are not well-versed, you can be lost o the conversation. Remember, not all gemstones are created equal; they can be natural, lab-created or imitation.

8. Check the craftsmanship.

Take a close examination of the jewelry and ensure that all parts are designed very well. Examine the setting for uniformity. If you are buying a piece of jewelry made of precious metals, check for the karat marks as this defines the metal’s purity.

9. Ask about the store’s refund or exchange policy.

What if you get home and discover a manufacturer’s error on the piece? As perfect as the piece can be, you may need to return it for some reasons. So, ask for the refund and exchange policy of the store and/or manufacturer.

10. Get the product details in writing.

If your purchase has some vital details and descriptions, make sure the salesperson put all the information into writing. Information like gem weight, color, and size are important.

Bottom line

Pieces of jewelry are one of the best gifts you can present to that special women on Valentine’s Day. If you are planning to buy one, you will surely be faced with some questions of how to go about it. By doing a little research and being a smart shopper, you will be able to make someone very happy!

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