5 Delicious Stuffing Ideas for Hamburger Buns

Do you want to make a yummy and healthy snack for your evening party with friends? Or are you looking for something light yet filling for making your son or daughter’s lunchbox? Well, a non-messy, delicious and filling item would be hamburgers. And the best part is they are extremely healthy with a rich quotient of minerals, nutrients and dietary fibres.

Wondering where will you find hamburger buns in Melbourne? There are plenty of bakeries, wholesale shops and departmental stores where you can easily find hamburger buns, rolls or pita bread Melbourne. But the question is how will you eat them? You certainly don’t have to make the same preparation of hamburger every day. You can try out a new stuffing every new day. That way, you won’t be bored and your body will also not be deprived of nutrient value.

Here, are a few delicious stuffing ideas for hamburger rolls or buns.

Chicken Curry Stuffing

Before starting out, season the meat with salt and pepper. Now mix the cilantro, minced ginger, red bell pepper and curry scallions with the chicken. You can add pickles and sriracha sauce on the hamburger buns and then add this delightful chicken stuffing to make it a nice burger. Then, cook on the heated grill for about 6 minutes on both the sides and it’s done!

Wild Mushroom and Blue Cheese Stuffing

Before starting with the hamburger rolls from Melbourne, mix the hot sauce with the ground meat. Evenly distribute mushrooms and blue cheese on the top half of the buns and press the two together to make a seal. Then, cook them on the hot grill for three to five minutes on either side depending how much you want to cook them.

BBQ Gouda Stuffing

First of all, evenly distribute the barbeque sauce in the middle half of the buns and then top it with the gouda. Press both the buns together so that the sauce doesn’t come off. After that, cook on the hot grill for about four to five minutes and it will be done.

Steak and Swiss Stuffing

Season the meat with salt and pepper first before you start with anything else. And also, mix the steak sauce with the horseradish into the ground beef. Now evenly distribute the Swiss on the halves of the hamburger buns and cook on a heated grill for three to five minutes on either side, depending on upon your taste.

Bacon Cheddar Stuffing

This is another healthy option for your hamburger stuffing. And it is very easy to make — you just need to evenly distribute the bacon and the cheddar on the buns and press the burgers together to make a seal. Then, just cook it for about five minutes on the grill on both the sides accordingly and you are done. This is the best option if you are very hungry and want to have something healthy within the minimum time.

So, don’t these stuffing ideas for hamburger rolls Melbourne seem simply mouth watering? Then, what is it that you are waiting for? Grab the shopping bag and start collecting the essential ingredients now. There are several stores from where you can buy the sauces, spices, meat and pita bread Melbourne. So, get going now.

Author Bio: Kim Bale, a food blogger writes on different stuffing ideas for hamburger buns and rolls Melbourne. He adds that recipes with pita bread Melbourne have become really popular as it is filling, tasty and healthy.