I’m Starting a Business — Want to Watch?

Hi, I’m Andrew. Today I am starting a new company. You are invited to watch.

The product is generic, simple and low-tech. We are going to sell fasteners — basically nuts and bolts. I’m going to enter an industry that I know nothing about and has virtually no barriers to entry — you could compete with me on Amazon within hours — many already do.

The interesting part of this company won’t be the product, it’ll be our story. We will have some simple guidelines:

  • Employees will set their own salaries and hours and choose their own titles.
  • No one will work more than 35 hours per week and no one will take less than four weeks vacation each year. Producing more in less time will be valued — working long hours and being busy will not.
  • We will publish our monthly financial statements on line for anyone to view.
  • Where possible, all technology we use will be free and open source.

The above list is just a start. It’s a business that answers the question: “If I worked at this company, what would I want it to look like?” We will ask ourselves why and if we don’t have a compelling answer, it will not be part of our business model. Nothing is sacred, nothing is beyond asking why.

From a personal perspective, I don’t want to spend a lot of time and money setting it up and I don’t want to spend a lot of time running it. I will only work on projects within the company that I find interesting.

Each day, if I’m working, I will write a post to update you on our progress. For tomorrow, I will need to incorporate a company and get a website. I will also need to find someone who knows something about selling nuts and bolts.