Fundraiser for Luke Dashjr
Tuur Demeester

This smells like a big scam.

  1. Core developer (wealthy I assume, if he has those smarts).
  2. House had minimal damage. Covered by a $5000 deductible…not really a lot of money. . Total cost fo those repairs is probably around $5000 or less. “Roof damage to side building”. not “Roof damage to main house structure”. (sounds like he had a tree hit a shed”.
  3. If you do repair before insurance adjuster has done their assessment, you’re not gonna get reimbursed.
  4. So, whether he’s trying to pay deductible, or pay for the repairs upfront…raising 5 bitcoin is quite excessive.
  5. Oh, and then another 3.5 bitcoin, to upgrade internet service for him and neighbors? Wow, that’s sure shooting for the moon!
  6. Obviously he didn’t need it, because it’s still in his wallet, getting larger.
  7. Now that the value of his donated Bitcoin has doubled, it might be gracious if he returns the donations.

If it looks like a scam, it’s probably a scam.

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