‘An Outline of Breath:’ Ann Gardner During Installation

Seattle Art Fair
Jul 5, 2017 · 2 min read

The opening night of an exhibition gleans everything immaculate. But for an artist, days of tape measures, power tools and cleaning supplies proceed the elegance. Ann Gardner, an acclaimed artist and Seattlite who’s work will show at the Seattle Art Fair, recently installed her latest exhibition “Air Water Earth” at Winston Wächter Fine Art. Take a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Gardner’s installation process.

Seattle artist Ann Gardner evaluates a hanging form during the installation of “Air Water Earth” at Winston Wachter Fine Art. Her latest exhibition features clusters of glass orbs created during her recent residency at the Museum of Glass.

“It all coalesced from growing up on the Oregon Coast, looking for glass floats, swimming every day. I thought about making these pieces as an outline of breath: very light and bubble-like in a way.”

Left: Gardner’s studio technician measures wire to attach to each “bubble”. Each cluster was measured in proportion to the lowest hanging orb. Before transporting the glass to the gallery, Gardner hung and photographed each group in her studio.
Left: Gallery Manager Judith Rinehart attaches a hanging mechanism to the ceiling as Gardner prepares to hang the clusters. “I didn’t want them to be perfect, but I wanted them to perceived as light,” Gardner said. Ironing out technical issues, such as maintaining “lightness” and minimizing the support system, was a surprising challenge, she said.

“Materials are always intriguing to me — trying to make them not what they are. You can see these little marks. When the light is right, it casts tiny bubbles all around the room.”

Gardner lifts an orb to be hung. The blown glass installments will be shown in conjunction with the artist’s bronze and mosaic works.
Gardner’s exhibition “Air Water Earth” is on display at Winston Wächter Fine Art through August 26. Her work will show with the gallery at Seattle Art Fair. Purchase tickets here.

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