Open Letter to Secretary Clinton on Animal Rights (Animal Rights Series)
Kitty Jones

Okay, first of all, animals aren’t people any more than corporations are.

You may not like it, but MOST of the human race is omnivorous. This means we eat MEAT as well as plants.

So, yes, animal husbandry in farms, needs to be made humane. This means not packing too many animals in a pen at a time, simply to fatten them up for slaughter. You can still fatten them up for that, but give the animal places to move around and be what it is. For example, a pig should have a wallow, a cow a pasture, and so forth. They are not made to be stationary. Animals moving around means for healthier animals, and better quality meat.

Feed should be addressed as well. Often, at these mass production farms, the feed is subpar, and loaded with additives no one should want in their food. Yes, I say FOOD. Raising an animal for slaughter, means it goes into our food chain. That means that we shouldn’t want antibiotics and other things like that added to the food source for OUR food. You really are what you eat.

I could go on, but I won’t. It’s not likely you’ll listen to anything I have to say to begin with.

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