Not rocket science by any means, but with Google returning exactly 0 search results for this error message, hope this is helpful for some ✌️

You run into a BigQuery “Cannot encode struct fields with empty names” error message when working with User-Defined Javascript Functions (JS UDF):

Make sure you name not just the struct (`arr` in this example), but also the fields in the struct:

We’re redesigning our playground’s tech stack, and we’re sharing our experiences as we go.

Lots of fun, a pain to maintain — via RollerCoaster Tycoon/Hasbro

Since I founded Poki, we’ve grown a lot. Every month, tens of millions of players around the world use our platform for easy access to free games. More recently, we’ve launched a publishing service to help game developers succeed on web and mobile.

What once started as a collection of…

Why we take our team abroad once a year, and how these offsites help us build our culture and brand.

There are places to go and things to see, but for many reasons, we’re often stuck to our computers. From the moment I started running an internet company, I’ve been playing with the idea of combining work and travel.

My product was code, my users were online, and advertising revenue…

Sebastiaan Moeys

I’m an entrepreneur and play with tech and culture @Poki —

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