I wrote this under the influence of a song that makes me think, sometimes seriously, sometimes its like I free my mind, and whatever I feel or think, I write it down.

“Feel it, the Earth is breathing, much less than it did before but still if we shut up for a while, something that is quite improbable but not impossible, we can hear it. If you center yourself, you focus on the space, the time, the moment, the air... Its there, it’s in you, inside all of us, but we humans are to busy to notice, busy doing some cool shit to proof ourselves valuable members of civilization, What debt do we individuals have with the civilization, with each other? Its not between us, its with the Earth, our space, our birthplace, it seems endless, timeless, but its not, focus and you will realise, it doesn’t breath like it used to be. I’m not saying that we humans are totally selfish, self-centered or whatever, its just that we... we live a life based on time, and we place ourselves as a priority that occupy almost all of our time, because of this lack of time, we don’t hear the Earth, we don’t feel it anymore. Our ancestors had a much stronger connection with the planet, they sensed it and talked to it, and most importantly, they respected it, this changed a lot, it maybe because hundreds or millions of years ago, the only worry of the human race was to survive wich ment find a place in the wilderness, build a shelter and hunt to eat, not for the joy of killing. Times changed, more worry came to mind, money, power, war, appearance and the globalization came upon us, an event that sealed the process of self-centering that the human began since the formation of the firsts civilization, since globalization we can’t hear the Earth anymore, it may not sound alarming, but it is, and the planet keeps manifesting, talking to us, but we do not care, we just care about our problems, natural disasters is the only way that the planet talks anymore, and we search the solution in ourselves, when the solution is out there, we just keep looking inside, its time to look outside the window and focus.

The planet speaks, and it the deserves to be heard.”

Sebastián Figueiras 17/04/17 1:03 am

This might or not make sense but its what I felt in that moment.

Pd: The song is called “The being death yet speaketh” by Jóhann Jóhannsson.