Just Another piece of writing under the effects of music.

This time the song is “Lyrical poem in D-Flat Op. 12" by the Moscow RTV Simphony Orchestra directed by Evgeny Svetlanov.

Fearless yet thoughtful and bright from time to time, mostly dark and steady when its needed, some would say a lack of determination, I prefer to call it premeditation a poorly valued capability, if time its the most valuable resource, premeditation its what we need, premeditation and quietness, creativity, joy but not distraction, a quiet mind with colour, with a foot on the ground and the other one free from everything and everyone, away from time and its limitations, careless, centered, focused and most importantly, abstracted. Abstraction may be the key to succeed, to make a name, to be someone, if its not, im out of clues, but im quite sure. Abstraction in fair amounts, too much is too much, an excessive abstraction carry us to another world, one human cannot understand, it would even be hard for us. The one that finds the right amount of abstraction will become someone and succeed in his life. The key is there, take it.

“Use, dont abuse.”

Sebastian Figueiras 17/04/17 1:28am

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