Why is it so hard to find a good front end developer?
Ilias Ismanalijev

I’m a computer scientist who used to develop quite complex mathematical algorithms. However, wanting to do something different and finding a well paid front-end job, I made the switch. I used to be in the camp of people laughing at HTML/JS/… ’cause how hard can it be’. My view changed quite a bit over time. Front-end turned out to be hard. Not the technologies, but combining the technologies in elegant code is hard. For backends you have bookstores full of books on architectural patterns, algorithms, etc. This is not the case for front-end. It’s really more of an art than a science. I guess that’s the reason why each year there’s a new favorite front-end framework, cause nobody really knows the best way to develop frontends. That being said, writing code that produces something you can see and use is very rewarding.