Analyzing The Benefits Offered By Newton Mail

Have you ever wanted a more functional email service? Did you ever wish you could know whether or not others have read the emails you’ve sent? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you will definitely want to consider checking out Newton Mail. This innovation application is designed to transform your traditional email service into something far more effective, functional and beneficial. Its features and functionality will be explored in greater depth below.


First and foremost, you can rest assured knowing Newton Mail is compatible with a wealth of different email services. It works fluidly with Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, and even iCloud. In fact, you can use the IMAP setting to use almost any email with Newton. While these email services might be totally free, Newton Mail is not. In order to use the service, you will need to pay a subscription fee.

Read Receipt Function

One of the major differences between Newton and the conventional services is the Read Receipts feature. As the name suggests, this function will ensure that you’re aware if your send email has been read. Each email that is sent through Newton is tracked. This will give you the ability to get notified as soon as the email is opened and read. The system is very versatile and this makes it possible to determine the status of your email from one device to another. For instance, you can send an email from your smartphone and check its status on your computer and vice versa.

Sender Profile

Another cool feature associated by Newton is the Sender Profile. Have you ever received an email and wanted to know more about the sender? With Newton, you will not have to search the Internet to learn more. The Sender Profile feature will provide you with insight into the sender directly through your email interface. You’ll receive links to the individual’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles with a single click. In the long run, this will save the user a substantial amount of time and energy.

Undo Send

A lot of people send out terrible emails by mistake. This can result in major repercussions. Don’t you wish there was a button that would allow you to retrieve the email and remove it from the user’s machine? This is where Newton Mail truly excels. With the Undo Send button, the user will be able to eliminate that email blunder within seconds. With this feature, you’ll never have to worry about sending an email to the wrong individual ever again.


At the end of the day, there is definitely a lot to like about Newton Mail. Is it worth the subscription fee? This will all depend on the consumer and their email habits. For small business owners and corporations, the application could prove to be a lifesaver.

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