Travel Global, Experience Local

There’s travelling… and then there’s experiencing.

There’s seeing a city…and then there’s tasting its flavors, smelling its odors, hearing its heart thump, and being enamored by its passion.

We want to offer travelers an unforgettable experience, by connecting them with local guides in a simple and affordable way.

Our app gives you a chance to do just that. We connect local guides and guests with one another. With Xplore, you can book cool, exciting or thought-provoking tours offered by locals who want to share their city with you.

Best of all? We all know the kitty is not bottomless — so we want to make sure it’s all affordable.

So, how does it work?

Through the magic of the internet.

No, seriously. We’re building an app that allows locals to offer authentic tours and visitors to book them. As a guest, you just surf over to the page of the city you want to visit, check out the tours and book a spot on them. As a guide, you can use your time and knowledge to show people around and earn a living. The only thing you need is a Facebook account!

Other cool cats can also book a spot on the tour, lowering the price for everyone. And then, when the big moment has come, go for that morning run, pub crawl, coffee bar tour or music shop experience.

Finally, help out your fellow travelers and leave a review. Book another low cost flight, visit a new city, check out a new tour and discover the world. Hey presto!

We are enabling locals to use their time and knowledge to earn a living by generating new sources of income,

This is where you step in and become part of the travel revolution.

Download or app, and join as as a guest, as a guide, or as both.

At Xplore, we’re on a mission to make the world a smaller place and share cultures. Will you join us?

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