Why Millennials should Choose Startup

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The main reason of all people finishing their college is to having a job. No one could deny, that people automatically set to take this things serious when they come to the next level of their life. But you should also know that most people going broken because of their job. Conflict, having crisis, incapable of some task, competition, and company politics. Those are some issues that literally happened. Most of people are also taking a job that they don’t love, they don’t even know, and why they take this. It’s all a matter of urgency. Pressure by the peer, in need of money and many things that we could check as list of reasons.

All of i want to share isn’t about facts. But it’s a pure opinion from a guy who already took 6 companies for over 4 years while he finishing his study that time. So if someone ever ask? How can i say all of this, the answer will just end to an experiences. You can disagree, you can feel free debate me or you can appreciate me and let’s working on something with me. Feel free!

Okay. Let’s get back to the discussion.

Now, maybe there’s going to be a big question like why everything is happen this way? Thanks for asking. 
It all affected by the era headway for time to time. It just naturally happened. We never realized, we never notice, but it just happened in a flash then we already do it. The definition of job itself is a task of piece of work, especially one that is paid (based on Google Translate). So it’s not a sin if people having an orientation of money if they using it as a motivation. In the end all people need it.

As time goes by, people start to think in a different way. The freedom and the growth of the technology develop a new way of thinking. People start to think to stand by their own feet in another mean, how to run their own company. Every big things start with a small step. All company that exists i believe were there. When they start to run what they believe, what they plan, and what they want. Nowadays we called this a startup company.

“A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed,” says Neil Blumenthal, cofounder and co-CEO of Warby Parker.

Quoting from Warby Parker understanding about startup, we can also get the point of startup itself. Solving problems. The flow is started from some people identify a problem, finding an opportunity and try to become the solver of the issues. Nowadays, startup itself somehow wrap with “tech” things. People now can see that Internet as a new era technology could contribute a lot in solving world problems.

Take your time for a while to skimmed some profiles. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Larry Page and many more. This guys are billion dollar men that labeled as a Start-up Hero because of their Ideas and solving a lot of problems, invented a bunch of tools, and changing the way of people’s life by their creations. Startup isn’t just about creating things, the main point that people sometimes forgot is also creating humans. When it said creating humas we also have to realize that the purpose is changing the world. Just look what the startup company has done to race to the top.

Now we’re here to the main question of the title. Why? Why startup that you need to choose as a place to start your career.

Just imagine like this. Let say that corporate company is an old man who wise enough, experience enough, and tough enough through the season. And startup is a young adult boy, still fresh, confidence, wild and open to explore anything. Working is like we being piggyback by them along we also help them through the way. Let’s just think when we working in a corporate, we come to the moment where all rules are been set, all the culture has locked up and we’re going to deal with the seniors. I can tell that there is no room for explore new things. Most people thinks company are an evil. All they know, they’ve bargain you enough with amont of money. So all you need to do just working based on the job description.

Now when we see to Startup side. Have to admit most of this company started with uncertainty. They still define what is the right business model, they need to convince a lot of people their products are useful, their services are work enough, and they selling dreams not just to investors, but to the future employee. Founder will generally said beautiful things. They hardly to convince people to help them in realizing their dreams and idea.

I think that Startup are a solution to the Millennials Generation. We, as a Millennials are bored with the routines. Millennials are looking things based on how big is it, how far that challenge them. When we put ourselves in this area, we are pushed to explore, being pushed to hardly think. We will meet challenge everyday, we will meet a change, a dynamic one untill we know what’s the best way to solve a problem. All of the point that we’re accept are a process of learning and a purpose to grow. What I believe when you’re there, you’ll have more self of belonging because you’re not just working. Startup sometimes offer us a family, a second home, a new relatives that happened because of the situations.

Learning. Growing. Responsible. All out. 
I think those words are quite well to represent what you will got when you are working for startups. You’ll also meet the moment when you have to identify your own problems and think to solve it by your own. Maybe there’s going to be a moment when you have to leave the company and start to create your own. So here’s my opinion and point of view why you should take startup as a place to work.

“No one can change the world without changing their own first. So everything start from us.”

If you want make things happen, do it don’t think it!

Have a nice day everyone!

Former Mataharimall.com, currently working for Groupon.co.id

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