Text Generators in todays IT industry are mainly powered by large scale text corpus that are used to train deep learning algorithms to create new texts. Most of todays providers use so called “robot journalism” (in German “Roboterjournalismus”) — they use pre defined rulesets that are then filled with data points to create new and unique texts in the field of finance, news, business or sports.

Some of these providers are:
- https://automatedinsights.com
- https://www.ax-semantics.com
- https://www.retresco.de

The development of those software algorithms and tools to perform automated journalism from scratch takes years of research and development — and if you want to start in that business: you are not the first. The big point in automated journalism or robot writing I personally see in the Ecommerce sector. The creation of new and unique identifiably product descriptions done by professional skilled writers will take hours of work and involve a lot of budget to send on them. How long will it take a man to create 500 unique product titles and articles? 1 Month if is blazing fast and has no disturbance in his task. What do you think will a automated robot writer will need for creating content with this task? Maybe you or your IT team will have to choose a Automatic Writing provider with a REST or SOAP API and define basic elements of your products like: color, weight, height, function, benefit or kind/shape. After do so, please just choose your target language, “press the start button” and within a few hours you have 500 pieces or product content with unique text. This process of creating automated content saves you and your company time and therefore a lot of money. Just try it out, the providers I mentioned on top all have free test accounts.

In contrast to automatic content creation with the help of robot tools, you can also create new text articles with the help of Artikel Schreiben (https://www.artikelschreiber.com/) or Articoolo (http://articoolo.com/).

AI will revolutionize the Text generation in the next following years