Announcing the 2017 Looxie competition!

Win a Nikon D3300 by being awesome

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That’s right!

This post is meant to highlight the terms and conditions of the competition, as well as give you some tips on how to succeed. Don’t worry, it won’t be long and boring.

What is Looxie (baby don’t hurt me, no more)

First things first: for new users, let me explain what Looxie actually does.

Looxie is a location-based photo request app. It lets you send requests to a specific location and request real-time photos from users at that location.

The photos cannot be uploaded from the phone’s gallery. Instead, the sender has to take the photo using a camera app after tapping the request. This means that the receiver will see a photo of exactly what’s happening in a particular place in the world at that exact moment, which is what really distinguishes Looxie from other photo-sharing apps (well, that and the request functionality).

How to win the competition and influence people

Winning the competition is mostly about collecting points through your use of the app. There are three ways to collect points:

  1. When you receive a request and respond with a photo, the receiver can tap the heart icon and like your photo. When someone likes your photo, you collect five (5) points. Only one user can like your photo this way — the user that sent the request.
  2. When one of your photos is in the Bulletin (the three-photo layout at the top of the main page of the app), any user can like your photo, while it is on the Bulletin (as new photos come in the photo gets pushed down and becomes unavailable for other people to like). When someone likes your photo this way, you collect two (2) points. Any number of users can like your photo this way. That means that if five different users like your photo while on the Bulletin, you’ll collect ten points.
  3. When you capture a venue, you collect one (1) point (per venue). Capturing a venue means that, while you are at the specific venue, you enter the venue into the Looxie database by going to the “Add a Venue” section.

Be careful!

Please don’t try to game the system to win! There are some things that we consider unacceptable and will result in you being banned from the competition if you are caught doing them.

These are the things you should be careful of:

  • Do not add fake venues into the database to collect points. It won’t be possible to check every single one of them for validity of c BUT we’ll be performing periodic checks to see if some of the venues actually exist.
  • Another venue-related point to be careful of is do not add places like “my home”, “grandma’s place”, “nick’s party” etc. as venues. You are allowed to add businesses, actual landmarks, bars, restaurants etc. There are lots of real ones around, no need to make up fake ones!
  • Do not create more than one account and cross-like your own looxies. Pretty obvious, guys & gals. This will get you mega-banned (it’s a nastier version of a regular ban to make you feel extra-bad).

Are points the only thing that matters?

Of course not. Photo quality and composition matters.

If any user (even the one with the most points collected) sends photo of his/her genitals, the bathroom or generally uninspired photos just to collect more points, it won’t be taken kindly.

For this reason, when you respond to Looxie requests, be careful to send nicely-framed, interesting photos that show

  • landscapes
  • interesting landmarks
  • bars, restaurants, cafes
  • shopping venues
  • anything else that has the potential to be informative or look good

Please avoid posting selfies etc. Not that there’s anything wrong with those but be careful for privacy and safety reasons! Also, not really informative.

Finally, try to take photos in landscape orientation whenever possible. We are a bit biased — we think that in most cases they just look better!

Who can take part?

Anyone can take part in the competition, anywhere in the world! You don’t even have to register somewhere, just download the app, create an account and start shooting! You’re automatically entered into the competition!

You can take part! You can take part! Everybody can take part in the competition!

The prizes

The first-place winner will get a Nikon D3300 DSLR camera!

The second- and third-place winner will both win a copy of Digital Photography Masterclass by Tom Ang. Not as cool, but still cool enough!

Results will be announced in the first week of 2018.


People below the legal age in their countries are not eligible for this competition. You will be featured in a special section in the app and the Looxie website if you are among the top users, though.

First-degree relatives of codehouse five employees are also not eligible for this competition. Sorry, mom!

And as always in these competitions…

The judges’ decision is final. Contest conditions are subject to change.

Just covering our asses here! You understand.