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A profound shift in how primary care is financed is opening up opportunities for entrepreneurs to transform the landscape of American healthcare. Who will start the next Humana?

This article assumes you have a working knowledge of health insurance in the United States: for instance, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and fee-for-service reimbursement. If you don’t, a primer is on the way shortly.

The most exciting part of our healthcare system for startups is surprisingly neither high-flying specialties nor richly-reimbursed procedures. The best opportunities are actually in humble primary care.¹

“But wait,” you cry, “how can that be? There’s no money in primary care!” Up until the past few years your skepticism would have been warranted. …

Why health IT has under-delivered, and how we can recover the promise of the 2010s.

One could be forgiven for believing the 2010s should have been a golden age for health IT. Between employers fed up with ballooning costs, pressures from the new ACA plans, and the implementation of MACRA, the environment seemed ripe for sweeping transformation in healthcare delivery.

But our health systems installed Epic and stopped there. [1] It is not clear that care quality is much better in 2020 than it was in 2010. And far from doing more with less, our providers actually have been doing less with more. …

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