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In summer last year, my girlfriend and I had the idea to use a day more effectively without compromising work, sleep and activities such as going to the gym or meeting friends. This idea revolves around waking up early in the morning and use the time to get things done. We had this idea at the same time individually, without sharing it with each other.

I started reading interviews with CEOs and watching YouTube videos to understand how other people would use their time in the morning. Then I cross-checked my own wish list of what I wanted to do…

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Updated on April, 2nd 2020.

During Christmas Break I was trying to find a way to create a joint bank account together with my future wife. An easy way to manage my finances along with hers, all in one single app without a PIN/TAN method, external hardware or even my laptop. It turned out getting the joint account feature together with a digital banking experience is not that easy, especially because these online banks have these key features available only in selected regions or the pricing model is not appealing. Let’s dig in a bit deeper:

What online banks are considered for comparison?

During the past years…

By Sebastian Richter on The Capital

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When aiming for the implementation of a commercial business idea/application that is underpinned by a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), there are several to choose from. But first, the question whether a DLT is needed and necessary will be addressed.

First, the following are the basic preconditions for the use of DLTs: Actors for an exchange of something of value, a potential relationship (transactions), potential damage through fraud or abuse, and reasons why actors should make transactions with each other. Does your use case fulfill these preconditions? If not, a traditional database might be a better solution to your problem.


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Choosing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework for building a Predictive Maintenance solution is dependent on requirements such as performance and interoperability. When building such a solution, it is important to consider an end-to-end data pipeline architecture that can be scaled up factory-wide to incorporate various data types, process the data and storing it properly in a data lake to build the AI model. But let’s define AI first and describe how a data pipeline looks like.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Introduction

Published as the Operating Organization of the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Systems

What do you think from what year is this org chart? If I look at the org chart of the organization that I am working for and what they have in place currently, it could be something similar, however we have more dotted lines. Large traditional corporations in fact could look exactly like the org chart shown above. To give a resolution to this question: it was published in 1910. There are so many things (especially technology) that have changed over the years, but the org chart did not.

Aaron Dignan in his new book Brave New Work* describes the…

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Personal finance and the question what to do with my money was omni-present for me last year. I read a couple of books to get myself familiarized with the topic and really think about how to do it the right way. I said to myself “why not using the example of financially super-successful people?” and tried to identify a few people that share a similar value system like I have. This would allow me to relate to their strategy and adapt it to my personal needs.

You don’t need a finance degree

When you live in Germany, you will notice a broad risk-averse behavior, especially when…

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Today, telecom companies are considering Smart Home as an area of new revenue streams and a way to move up the value chain beyond connectivity. When looking at their portfolio Smart Home Telcos position as a re-seller of 3rd party products and as a central hub for managing connectivity-enabled products. Their value proposition is to provide connectivity and serving as a one-stop-shop for all smart home products no matter from which vendor they come from.

From M2M to the Internet of Everything

The term Internet of Things is probably decades old, but the recent hype around it shaped the term in new ways, acknowledging new ways of…

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Recently, I came across another consulting methodology that I would describe as the more scientific way of problem-solving compared to Design Thinking. It is based on Design Theory and operates in the Information Systems (IS) domain. Design Theory is also known as Design Science or Design Science Research. The latter is the methodology based on Design Science and deals with creating as well as evaluating IT artifacts with the intention to solve problems. Those problems can be classified for other researchers in order to create knowledge.

Origins of Design Thinking & Design Science

Actually, the origins of both methodologies are the same: There is Herbert A. Simon…

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