Inside a Design Critique with Facebook
Tanner Christensen

After reading the dialogue, I wondered for what this critique is good for? I read a lot of “I like” or “I think” or even “would be interessting”. What I’m asking is, where is the user? Did they get asked? What are the methodes for the design decisions?

As designers, we always have to keep in mind, that we are not the users. It does not help the product when six latte macchiato drinking designers (see: Gerry McGovern — Keynote: Manage the tasks, not the content) talk about their feelings. It might be a good source for inspiration but not decision making.

The tool design critique, origin from the art critique, is a good way of openly discuss design issues and get know new aspects and inspirations, but it does not validate anything. And it should not and cannot solve and validate UX issues.

What do you guys think?

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