How my career started, and my approach to web development

Hi there, and thank you for clicking in.
My name is Sebastian Berglönn, and this is my first post on Medium, and also my approach to web development and software engineering.

Usually, you do these kind of posts when you are a couple of years into your career, and you have worked for a long time. But I wanted to express my feelings and thoughts, as a junior developer entering web development.

I am 21 years old, and I’ve had a huge interest in websites and development for about 3 years now. It is not a very long time, but this interest has been like your first love, and I think about it all the time.
I started learning some HTML, CSS and Javascript in my high school, where I found my first interest. It was very basic, but I loved it. I googled a bit on different kind of programming languages, and learned that PHP was the thing when talking about web development. So I took an extra class, and learned that in school while I tried to taught myself as well.
I was really interested in back end, and never laid an eye on front end. My mindset was that front end is for designers and I was not a good designer at that time. This was before I discovered frameworks, which blew my mind.

Fast forward a couple of years, I decided to study on university to get a bachelor. This education was taught from a distance, which meant that I could do everything from home. For a beginning, I liked it. Then I realized how outdated the courses was, and also the structure of the courses was not appropriate for this kind of education. So I decided to drop school, and get self-taught.

It was at this point, I found out how important Javascript is. And since that, I haven’t thought about anything else than Javascript.
We have back end, front end, mobile developer and also desktop developer. This is quite huge, and you can do a lot of great things with this.
I had mixed feelings about this- I liked the possibilities of choosing different kind of sections and subjects, which is pretty great. Although, I felt overwhelmed.

I like learning, and I always encourage it. So I decided to try to learn a bit from everything one step at the time. First, I had to set up some goals for myself and my career, and then some goals for my personal interest. For example; I learned the MEAN-stack (Mongo Express, Angular2, Node.js), and I am trying to learn React.
Then, for my personal interest, I am learning Ionic, React Native and Electron.

As a self taught developer, you gotta create projects to show employers that you have knowledge. At this time of writing, I haven’t created a lot of projects due to lack of creativity. I also spend a lot of time learning.
But, many employers has been very interested when I told them that I started my own company.
So in Sweden, you can start your own company and be self-employed, but you can have it like a side project, which mine is. So I am not actively not trying to find customers all the time, but I do some small work while having a full time job (read unemployed. Ideally, I want to have a full time work and also create some side projects as well.).

If you wanna be self taught, you need to have the mindset for it. Also, you need a lot of time.

Steps for a self taught developer

  1. Be patient. You are going to spend a lot of time learning, and it will be hard. But if you are interested enough, you will get through it.
  2. Push your limits, all the time. You will have push your limits to learn new frameworks, new techniques. Maybe you’ll start app development.
  3. Find a site/app that you find lack lusting, improve it. Is it a static website, then improve it, design wise. Is a website slow, well then improve it speed wise.
  4. Be hungry. Web development is so much about interest, is not a job where you are just settled with knowing some stuff. To be a good developer, to get you need to be hungry for knowledge, for exploring the wonderful world of web developer.

I hope this was interesting, and that it is helpful for someone!

Have a great day,
Sebastian Berglönn