What You Don’t Know About TripAdvisor
Heather Stimmler-Hall

Great article. Thank you for the time you invested in writing and showing the world the other side of becoming a monopoly.

As a startup founder, I feel its the responsibility of the company’s management to cut down the “fake review industry” and to increase the customer support for their partners.

Probably, by growing, the focus switched from Helping Travelers to just having the largest database and from Being a partner to Hotels, Restaurants etc to increasing their revenue to the maximum.

I guess there are still good people working there but most likely the drive of their investors/managers is too strong.

I read the extremely brave comment from the person that worked at Viator. Thank you also for the post!

In the end, the only way TA can be brought back to its initial mission is by showing it people would switch from using TA to alternatives such as passionate travelers/bloggers that are not motivated only by money.

And of course, it would help to create a universal rating system that can be relevant and understood by everyone.

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