Ecology Blog Post #1

In science class, we are starting a new unit, ecology. Instead of using the traditional style of learning in which a teacher just gives out information through a presentation of some sort, we will be self teaching ourselves by using this great invention which is called the internet. We will of course be receiving teacher’s assistance when needed but the main idea of this project and this unit is to become more independent and learn how to teach ourselves and learn by using all the tools that surround us. As our final project for ecology, we are required to find a passion we have and through that passion, demonstrate our knowledge about ecology and a specific subject we chose with regards to ecology. For my project, the passion I chose is programming. So what I will be doing for this unit is to create an interactive website that will contain information about ecology with a specific focus on climate change and how it is impacting different ecosystems. How do you plan to achieve this? What goals do you have? Are you planning on using a specific timeline? Those are the types of questions I am asking myself right now and to be honest, I don’t have an answer to them. This is because I like to play things by ear. I am not the type of person who likes to set goals or set a specific guideline. In fact, I am not the type of person who really enjoys making these types of blogs. I really don’t believe that they will help me get organized in some way. So for now, I am focusing on my research seeing as I first need to know about the topic I am going to make a website on before I start making the actual website. After I finish the research, I am probably going to make the website and after I make the website, I will plan my TED talk. And in between these three things, I will make two more blogs similar to this one explaining what I have been doing and a vlog further explaining what I am up to and what I have learned. But of course, this style of doing things has its disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that this style of work promotes procrastination which probably explains why I am doing this at eleven o’clock at night the day before this is due. Moving on, with regards to my research, I have just started out with learning about climate change, what the main factors that cause climate change are and how it affects different ecosystems. A really good source I found is This is because it contains information about what causes climate change to happen and how humans have had an effect on climate change. Another good source I found is This is because it contains information on how different areas of the US are being affected by climate change. One last really good link I found is This link contains information about how different factors of ecosystems are being affected by climate change. I also found this video that explains what climate change is and how it has changed earth’s environment in recent years. This is the link to the video: To end things off, I just wanted to say that climate change is something that I believe is a serious and real problem that needs to be solved because if it isn’t, we will soon have no place in which to live. Not only that, there are still people today that believe climate change is a hoax so through this project, I can help raise awareness about climate change, about how it is real and about how it’s changing the planet we live in.

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