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Getting a Dog

Sebastian Green
Jul 18, 2013 · 2 min read

Most freelancers work form home, most of the time. It’s a solitary job. Even if they don’t live alone, they will spend many hours alone whilst the other people they live with leave the house to go to their jobs. Some people thrive on this alone time. It allows uninterrupted concentration but is that good for us? Is it good to spend 7+ hours a day alone, sat working on a computer? We all need a break sometimes.

Sometimes a quick 15 minute break can work wonders for solving a problem or getting past a creative block but the benefits are not limited to our minds. Sitting, slouching all day is not good for posture. Back problems are common. Basic levels of fitness in this industry are quite poor. Just getting the blood flowing a bit quicker can work wonders for mind & body.

Go for a run. Join the gym. You will feel better & work better. Everyone says they will do these things more often. They get done for a few weeks. Only rarely do these become habit or routine for a long period of time. Other things become more important.

Get a dog. Companionship & unconditional love. They don’t argue with you, much. They are great listeners. They do the funniest things. No matter your mood, they can make you smile. Walking a dog is exercise that anyone can do. Getting away from the computer for those 10 minutes will improve your work. Getting the exercise will make your body feel better.

It will improve your life & work. Nothing that can do that will be easy, or as enjoyable.

    Sebastian Green

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    Work hard, eat hard, train hard & sleep hard.