One of the key areas to consider when operating and starting your startup is your finance group. Building a team from scratch can be challenging, so here are my experiences and tips to get started and make the best out of our finance team for the coming growth phases.

Over the last years as a CFO and sparring partner for the founders of various start-ups, I recognized one thing: All entrepreneurs are the same…every day full of new ideas, amazing vision for the future and always the company’s success in mind every day. …

Today’s finance chiefs are poised to play a critical role in the big, strategic decision making that carries an organization forward. Here you can read about my experiences in how the CFO role looks like at big Corporates vs Startups.

CFO role at a Corporate:

Today he is called CFO, the former chief accountant. His position is clearly defined both in established medium-sized and in big corporate companies in terms of content in the form of job descriptions and organizational instructions — everything is, of course, decidedly coordinated with the personnel and organization department. Corporates typically prefer internal hires for…

At the end of this week, my world trip comes to an end (currently in Brasil), a road trip I have called home for the last 9 months. It’s been hands down one of the best decisions of my life.

The fact that I was brave enough to leave my well-paid corporate chair, allowed me to pursue my life’s dream while connecting, engaging and creating unforgettable experiences. Every one of us is a collective of every experience we have had in life.

Traveling is the best education you will ever get. …

Before I came to Angeles de Medellin I was full of doubt and questions about what it really means to give and what it really means to help “the poor.” It’s still very unclear for me, but my experience here definitely gave me food for thought and showed me the hard work really required to make a difference.

Angeles de Medellin, or Angels of Medellin, is an organization started by Mark Kaseman (aka Marcos) to help the displaced people of Medellin.

The people are displaced as a result of the years-long conflict between the government and the drug cartels/gangs. As…

When I started my world trip, I spoke about these stories, which I want to tell my children later.

In September 2017 I experienced one of these and for me it was an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I did volunteer work for @evpcambodia and I was happy to see for the first time in my life wild elephants. These elephants were rescued and now the team of EVP takes care of them. I definitely learnt a lot about myself and about these creatures in this week. I also decided to become an elephant advocat and will not support any ridings on elephants…

I had an extremely rewarding experience and look into Silicon Valley, the leading center of world-class innovation and invention. During my time there I was looking for some geeky Silicon Valley points of interest, which gives a good mix of its past and present.

Understanding how these companies got started, what sets them apart, and how they maintain an innovation culture are principles that everyone can use to drive change and bring value back home to your own organizations.

I’m always interested in hearing from business owners, entrepreneurs, as well as economic development professionals. Please contact me via InMail on my LinkedIn profile: or you can just visit my website: .

I am absurdly lucky even to be writing this post. 5 months ago I started to travel around the world. I remember thinking how surreal it was that I really decided to quit my corporate job and to follow my passion.

But today, I just left Asia, where I spent 5 months in 12x different countries. I have been working for different NGOs and met a lot of new friends and cultures. For the first time in my life I did Yoga and meditation and both became part of my daily life today.

My journey is still young. The decision…

In the deep jungle of Cambodia I spent the most amazing week whilst on my yoga retreat (

The retreat was about to begin. It was a bucket list experience for me.

Excited for what this week and being there will offer my mind, body and soul. Twice a day yoga & meditation, full digital detox, no dairy/sugar, full vegan diet & caffeine and tea free. Feeling rejuvenated, revitalised and full of life.

Anyone who is a little lost, broken, stressed or just needs a little break from life, I highly recommend that kind of retreat.

Thank you to all…

For 2,5 months I am now on the road trip of my lifetime: a ramble through Asia, doing volunteer work and living the life of a digital nomad.

After I snagged my job as a CFO, I decided for myself that I will find new projects and opportunities in the world, which I can take on and master.

Over the last two weeks I was involved in one of them.

In Laos I slipped in the role of an English teacher for SAE Lao Project ( I had to teach English to children.

These children are so motivated and focussed…

I have more than 12 years of experience as a leader & executive in fashion + ecommerce at the top European sports retailers. During that time I have been successful in selling my company two times and in leading two merger & acquisitions as a CFO. I have spent the last four years in a corporate environment in a leader role. Am I sucessful? I guess, most of the people would say: “What a career, I admire you.“ Others could say: “How about your family? What are your other dreams beside work?”

Whenever I spoke with people over my professional…

Sebastian Janus

Interim CFO 📈 | founder | coach * Internet & Finance executive for start-ups and SaaS companies

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