What is going on in the UPR?

The status of the UPR is a difficult one since it is been threatened by “La Junta de Control Fiscal” with a major budget cut, which will affect everything in this education system. With this said now we proceed to see the different aspects in the status of the UPR, and what they are facing.

  1. The financial status of the UPR

The UPR is going through a tough time dealing with “La Junta de Control Fiscal” since they want the university to pay them 300 million dollars or they will just cut them from the UPR’s budget, which will impact the university severly. Since the island owes 70 billions dollars, “La Junta” just want to charge the island and doesn’t care which things are affected or where the money comes from, they just want the money. Like seriously? Our education? Come on, give us a break here, we want to become professionals too and don’t drown ourselves in loans.

2. Other universities backing up the UPR

Even if in “Las Justas” is everyone for themselves , at the end of the day socially and morally private universities have been in solidarity with the UPR in protest and even in the march from the capitol towards “Fortaleza”. People know how this would affect us even if they are from another university and are standing by our side, backing us up in our protests and our fight for the university, and this is what we should do, unite and fight. Is not just a university that is at stake, is a whole economy that lives in does cities, and without it the country would suffer even more.

3. National Assembly called

After not seeing the expected success in the march the students have chosen to call a national assembly of students in which students of all the “Recintos” will meet and determine which step they will take next towards this crisist hat is affecting the university. This is crucial since this assembly is going to determine the direction the UPR and its students will take in defending the university.

This is an important topic inside and outside the UPR to which every students and person interested in the future of our university should attend to and and make his/her voice count for our university, fight for it and don’t let some people dictate what will happen to it. We are the people, we should decide what happens with our university, and what happens with it. We can’t let “La Junta” cut our budget, and reduce our sections,staff and make use pay more for the lessons we take. It’s just not fair.

4. Inform yourself and fight for your university

The problem here is that many of the students just want “un paro” just to go to the beach and don’t take this seriously or don’t care about it. The truth is this is something everyone should be concerned about, and not just argue that they are going to make cuts in the budget because we could end even without a university to attend to. People should invest time doing some research and coming up with another way to minimize the impact of that 300 million in our budget.

This is our university and everyone should try to protect it, since it is an economic source and a place in which everyone of us can become a professional without paying too much to do it. Also because is the place where students like us can become professional in a more affordable and better prepared place. UPR universities also have a high ranking in the US and even in the world so else do we need to make people fight for it?. It’s the university of the country, we just can’t afford to lose that. And this is what’s happening, protest, budget cuts, and many people getting angry at the government and what is happening in the university. Time to stand up to this crisis and do something.

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