Two Short Films that are Gloriously Blunt

It is really easy to get caught up in some perpetual, repetitive cycle filled with duties and responsibilities. Everything kind of blurs together, time goes by quickly, dreams become less vivid, days become less memorable, and life just feels kind of monotonous. And we settle, we become comfortable, because this just kind of works. We are not hungry, or thirsty, life is relatively good, that TV show you are watching is pretty interesting, and you are not working too hard, this just kind of works.

And then every so often, something breaks this cycle. The experience is not all that profound, you just kind of take a step back and it’s like fuck, there has got to be more to life than this. Then a couple hours later your TV show is back on and you sit down and the cycle continues.

For me this happened a few weeks ago upon watching this short film. It is called “Life is a Bitch” and it is simply beautiful. In a short five minutes it kind of perfectly shows us how blissfully meaningless everything is. It shows glimpses of all the important moments in some dudes love life, and very quickly tells his life story. And it is perfectly accurate, we can all easily relate to it. The speed at which it shows these few years in his life allows you to simply sit back and browse from some detached perspective, in which it all seems rather amusing.

Although after watching, you kind of sit back, take a breath, and look out your window, and realise something. I’m not too sure exactly what it is that you realise, you will probably have to find that out for yourself. But whatever it is you realise, the realisation is quite nice. You slow down, and take it all in. It breaks you from your little perpetual cycle, and I suppose through viewing a substantial chunk in someone’s life in a matter of minutes, you look at your own life in a more analytic, critical manner. Or at least I did.

The next film is called Standby. And it is about two cops, and much like the previous film, it quickly documents their life, and relationship, though it is a much friendlier, less sexual relationship then the previous one. Through very short, quick scenes, you fully understand these characters, and feel a great deal of empathy towards them. And the feeling you have after watching it is also very similar to the previous film. Just some kind of unexplainable, momentary detachment that makes you smile. I think that it is just this quick style of film making, it is so appealing.

I wish I could explain the phenomenon in more detail, with greater eloquence, and thus allow you to understand the strange way these movies made me feel, but it is difficult. By now I have been writing this post for a few minutes and I am already losing touch of that detached feeling. I am kind of easing my way back into my own cycle. So yeah. I will see you all the next time I have an experience that detaches me from my day to day monotony, an experience profound enough that I feel the urge to write a post that I hope will have a similar effect on some reader.