First Product Released: workID the World’s First Immutable CV

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It’s been an exciting week for us with the launch of our first product, workID, the world’s first immutable CV.

The decentralized application workID verifies an individual’s work history and qualifications on the blockchain.

Think “LinkedIn in on the blockchain”. But without fake data that exists on one-third of LinkedIn profiles.

And with 95% of recruiters relying on LinkedIn, you can see how this misleading data is a big issue. And why workID is much needed.

Our COO Ivan Petrovic made the workID announcement at the d10e global decentralization conference in Malta this week, revealing how workID will use blockchain technology to shape the future of work, hiring and even payroll. CEO unveiling workID at d10e in Malta

Here’s what he had to say:

“In today’s working world, employers stand no chance when it comes to trying to vet candidates,” Petrovic said.
“A line in a resume can be easily made-up and LinkedIn is unreliable because more than a third of people lie on their LinkedIn profile.
“workID uses advanced blockchain technology to build the world’s first immutable CV that contains only trusted, verified data.
“It will revolutionize the future of work, giving employers an unprecedented ability to hire with certainty and employees will gain true ownership of their identities.”

So How Does workID Work?

A first look at workID, the world’s first immutable CV

workID enables employers to have absolute certainty in the experience and credentials of candidates to make hiring more certain. The application also gives individuals true ownership of their work identities.

It’s a big win-win.

So, how’s it work?

workID is built on top of the WorkChain, our public ledger of verified proof of work records that’s created through integrations with trusted data sources, such as workforce management and payroll systems.

Using the verified records of the WorkChain created through these trusted data sources, workID combines work, academic and payment histories in a single, universally-accessible and searchable profile.

Unlike with a LinkedIn profile or resume where the information is unverified and user-supplied, with workID employers and employees get verified, trusted data that’s been secured on the blockchain.

Here’s a look at the information workID will be able to verify:


· Full and part-time employment history

· Position(s) held

· Records of individual shifts, contracts completed and leave taken

· Skill validation — e.g. driver’s licenses, languages, vocational courses

· Peer recommendations

· Assessments — e.g. personality assessments and intelligence tests


· Institutions attended — High School, College and University

· Degrees/diplomas received

· Courses taken

· Academic records


· Payroll Records

· Time and attendance

How workID Will Rollout on the Blockchain

Initially, workID records will be formed through time-stamped statements then, as the platform evolves, move toward confirmations, trusted confirmations and proof of human work applications that will enhance the verification process.

This is what the three-stage process will look like:

  • Stage 1 — Hashed and timestamped records on blockchain.
  • Stage 2 — Verification of hashed work records through our proprietary Trust Score Protocol.
  • Stage 3 — Proof of human work applications.

We’re All About Shipping Product

As you can see with workID, we’re all about shipping product at

And the launch of workID leads the way for our next product, workPAY, which will enable real-time payroll processing and freedom from slow payroll cycles using the verified work records of the WorkChain platform.

We’ll let you in on a little more info about workPAY soon.

In the meantime, want to become one of the first to try workID?

Join our telegram group to find out how you can create your own workID today.

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