Best Branding Ideas for 2016


Over the past decade branding undergo through a major change and it is accelerating towards a state of personal connectivity. There were the days when the brand represent the well packaged megalithic entities. Today customer expects more interactive branding and demands products and services with active conversation.

As the competing landscape has drastically changed, the branding strategies are also experienced a major shift with more focus on customer engagement. Now brand actively interact with their customers via social media or through other platforms. Now branding is more than just creating an effective logo design with right color scheme and fonts.

Transform the Brand as Brand experience

Today it is most important that how brand interact with their customer than what it is offering to its customers, so now brands offering more immersive experience to its customers. Now effective branding require to promote soft elements with more focus on interaction with their customers than color scheme, fonts and imageries. Now brands have to maintain continues relationship with their customers, this practice provides the opportunity to satisfy customers as per their needs.

Create More Personalize Brands

With the rise of social media platforms and the strategies of customer interaction brands are now offering more tailored versions of themselves for individual customers. Previously it was a feature of very famous and big brands that they had the capacity to cater individual customer needs. Like you can fly to Germany to collect your new customize Mercedes or you can orders a tailored Rolex watch as per your need. But now this practice is really move to mainstream branding, whether Apple offer you personalize engraving on the back of their devices and Coca Cola is offering bottles or cans featuring personalized forenames.

Internal Sourcing

Now the branding has become more self-initiated than ever before. Previously when it comes to branding, there was a firm practice of asking professional assistance and no one expect that this will changed so radically. But now marketing professionals believes that the branding intelligence and organization’s message should come from inside the company relatively the outside. This philosophy leads to the adoption of self-initiated bradding strategies. Employees and other inner stakeholder provide valuable insights and assist in developing branding strategies in surprisingly effective way. The ideas we discuss above reflects how the branding has changed in recent years and will tie the branding trend that will work for 2016.