Photo production at location (walnut fields) for Agrofesa’s website.

And how you can get the best of it

When’s the last time you’ve heard someone say: “I like IGOR apples better than JUN apples”?
Now imagine you get to choose between a Spalding basketball and a Voit basketball, which one would you pick?

Wouldn’t it be great for your customers to take a quick glance at an apple bag, identify the brand in half a second, and just put it in their shopping cart?

Almost every decision that we make is based on our habits. You see the sun coming through your window, you rise. You walk out to your kitchen, you see the coffee-maker and start making…

And how they were naturally achieved

We’re closing in on the summer, and for many people that means grape season!

I’ve always loved grapes, but I only knew them as dark, red and green. Recently, though, I’ve come across a wide variety of grapes, and the flavor, nutritional and agricultural facts are fascinating (did you know there’s a grape called Witch Finger?).

Are you in the dark just as I was a few weeks ago? Let’s find out!

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado quién decide cuándo está listo un vino en una bodega? ¿Será, acaso, el mismo mercader? ¿Involucrará gran esfuerzo y conocimiento? Descubre al enólogo, la persona responsable de que ese Merlot que estás tomando esté en su punto mientras le presumes a tu cita sobre tu conocimiento de vinos.

Un enólogo es la persona responsable con todo lo que tiene que ver con la ciencia (química y biología) del vino. Sus responsabilidades varían de bodega a bodega, dependiendo del tamaño, de la cantidad de vinos producidos, y las necesidades de la bodega. Usualmente su trabajo principal…

The film was finally out. Eager to see it, I felt I owed the greatest Mexican filmmaker of our time the favor -although I was the one being favored- of seeing it as soon as possible; after all, he made, in my humble opinion, 2014’s best film: Birdman. Now, it was for me a shock to see such a huge leap from his previous work to Birdman, and the fact that Michael Keaton was the perfect actor for this role -it’s mostly his life and his rise to great acting skills, right?- made it all the way better. …

The best way to back up your recording projects.

The beta version’s out, Wavestack’s changing. The first phase was making a collaboration tool, but what’s the next step? Making a collaboration tool for music producers, professionals and enthusiasts alike. If you remember the beta 2.0 version you’ll recall that it worked only as a cloud-storage server. It updated your DAW project, it synchronized the changes that you’d made as a collaborator, thus saving your modifications. Wavestack Sync took care of this, but you still needed to add them to the Wavestack folder.

The vast competition of cloud-storage services can be quite daunting when you are trying to decide which…

Sebastian Rodríguez Serrano

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