With latest TypeScript, you may not need Webpack
Ville M. Vainio

I would love to ditch webpack and use TypeScript directly in order to build without any additional tooling. My problem is that importing non-JS/TS files is currently not supported (AIFAK).

With all the component focused development that is currently happening this is a real issue. I want to be able to import an entire module, including presentational data (style, template, …), with one single import.

Separating view and application logic is fine, but with components those two things are tightly coupled. Running an additional process that gathers all templates and styles is not something I would recommend, because it is easy to miss required files or to include unnecessary files.

tl;dr; I think that having one “holistic” build process is super important and as long I can not do this with TS, because it does not support importing non-JS files, I rather stick with webpack/browserify/…

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