Convert design system from Figma to Sketch
Convert design system from Figma to Sketch

Converting from Figma to Sketch is a difficult process with a limited number of options. Even for a basic file, the conversion process can be painful. But what about a much more complicated file like a design system with components, text styles, overrides, and colour styles.

I wondered how you could convert your design system from Figma to Sketch or how well you can do this. When I wrote my last article about this topic, there was only one third party converter on the market.

Since then I noticed that a new player has come to the table and I…

Convert Sketch file to Figma
Convert Sketch file to Figma

Conversion of design files has become a hot topic in recent times. Especially because design tools just keep getting better and better. Everyone wants to use the best tool and conversion has become a critical part of this for many teams, agencies and freelancers.

What interests me the most right now is just how well the big players (Sketch, Figma and XD) are doing to convert files in order to win the design war. Should you actually take the plunge and use their tool without thinking about it?

If you are using Sketch and want to switch to Figma, the…

Convert Figma to Adobe XD Graphic
Convert Figma to Adobe XD Graphic

Recently, I wrote an article about moving XD designs to Figma. It was a really interesting experiment and one that seemed to interest quite a lot of people.

It got me thinking though. What if I wanted to convert Figma files to XD? What exactly are the options? How easy is it?

There are many great reasons to use either tool, but I decided that it was time to close the loop and see just how easy it is to do the conversion.

Read on to find out more

The methods

There are three options for converting your files:

  • Using a Figma…

Converting UI design tools. Such as Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD
Converting UI design tools. Such as Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD

The number of UI design tools is quite literally exploding and we find ourselves in an interesting time in the design industry. With so many tools comes the interesting topic and problem of file conversion.

For this article, I will focus on UI tools/design because this is where I assume the most conversions are taking place. I will talk about converting between formats and also my take on the software situation at present and in the future.

Why convert files to another UI design tool?

There are many reasons why you would convert from one tool to another, but the main ones are:

  • Convenience — Not everyone has…

A guide to converting your files from XD to Figma.

Converting XD files to Figma graphic
Converting XD files to Figma graphic

I was recently pondering the state of UX design software and how far it has come in recent times.

I originally wanted to write about converting between popular design tools in the one article, but came across something interesting in the process.

I have converted Sketch files into XD (through XD itself) and also Sketch into Figma before, so I knew that this was possible.

But I had never had any actual experience with converting XD files to Figma.

So, like all curious people, I decided to dive deeper and write about opening XD files in Figma.

Is direct conversion possible?

There really wasn’t…

Minimalism as a concept is gaining traction, especially in the last few years. The internet, a desire for a more meaningful life and one very inspiring documentary are behind this movement. This has given rise to the new concept of digital minimalism and how we can cope with technology. In doing so we can enjoy the fundamental ideals of minimalism itself in a digital world.

Digital minimalism is a concept that is also becoming important to us all. We are all using personal technology more and more, and need to be conscious that it does not consume our lives. …

It doesn’t matter if you are a bleeding edge startup working on your first MVP or a seasoned tech giant like PayPal, UX mistakes happen, but would you really expect them from a tech giant like PayPal?

To give you all some preface to this story, I simply wanted to withdraw some money from PayPal and was shocked that it was not as simple as it should be.

I decided to write this article to highlight a UX mistake that even PayPal has made and to show you how you can carry out some usability testing.

Generally speaking, I like PayPal and how they go about their UX/UI, they are pretty clean and minimal and things are pretty user friendly, but this time I was quite disappointed to find that withdrawing money became a confusing experience.


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E-commerce is a booming industry that has become hugely successful in recent times due to to our ability to be more connected than ever before. We have access to wireless devices that allow us to shop online wherever we want at any time of the day.

However, it isn’t just connected devices that have caused this huge boom in the e-commerce sector. E-commerce itself has improved drastically with improved return policies and better logistics partnerships between retailers and logistics companies. …

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