Moving designs from Figma to XD — Just how easy is it?

Convert Figma to Adobe XD Graphic

The methods

  • Using a Figma to XD converter from
  • The SVG method
  • The Recreation method

Setting up a test file

View of unconverted Figma File
Components in Figma

Using a Figma to XD converter

Converting the file

  1. Enter the link to the Figma file into the converter.
Converting Figma file to Adobe XD
Converting Figma File to Sketch XD
Figma File converting to Sketch XD
File download of converted Figma file in Sketch format

The results

XD file converted from Figma

The SVG method

  1. By selecting the artboard in Figma and right clicking. Then selecting Copy/Paste and finally Copy As SVG. The artboard can now be pasted into XD.
Figma Copy Artboard as SVG
Export section in Figma
Figma SVG file in Adobe XD
SVG Image Mask from Figma in Adobe XD

The Recreation Method

The UX Collective donates US$1 for each article published in our platform. This story contributed to UX Para Minas Pretas (UX For Black Women), a Brazilian organization focused on promoting equity of Black women in the tech industry through initiatives of action, empowerment, and knowledge sharing. Silence against systemic racism is not an option. Build the design community you believe in.



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