A study of her.

perhaps its the unpredictability of the waves,
They very closely resemble your personality.
Perhaps its the species’ that live beneath the surface,
the fish that you cant fathom into schools.
I hope you don’t mind that whenever we meet, I consider myself a captain, traveling across your sea, observing, taking in every resplendent notion that lives within your ocean, Your still water runs deep with emotions.
and when I look up to your sky, the moon and your tide in sync,
I really cant help but think,
how different my life would have been,
if I hadn’t met you.
 your beauty deserve more than what the earth has to offer.

perhaps Mars is a more suitable home.
a place you’ll own, where you can hone in your talents where the stars will glimmer at you with approval. I read somewhere that Mars has weak gravity, so even the laws of physics won’t be able to hold you down.
 You can’t settle a free spirit.
 Your imagination is your only limit. You are a paradox. How can someone so out of this world be so down to earth?

— Sebastian Tuma