TIY Final Project: Day Eleven


  • Nav Bar: quick add edited for reroute in controller
  • Styling: added a bit of styling (bg image, opacity on views, tables, bootstrap column layout on forms)
  • gems: update gemfile with ruby 2.3.0 and rails_12factor gem in production for heroku auto-deploy with travis-ci
  • Travis-CI/Heroku: reference trello notes for setup of each


  • none to note

Set-backs: images not saving/rendering with heroku. need to check heroku logs and troubleshoot

Breakthroughs: in quick_add_create method was rendering :new (from other measurement new form which requires a method_id in route), changed it to render: quick_add and all is bueno.

Today’s Takeaway: #herokuprobz strike again. will need to get images to render on live application and check image upload via phone.

Tomorrow’s Goal: Update all forms with column layout. Check heroku logs and troubleshoot image issue. Add Chosen search on form dropdowns. Start with charts

Questions: images aren’t saving via heroku? view image source on twitter clone (photos functional) shows a different img src route than final project.

PR: #40-#42