TIY Final Project: Day Five


  • gems: none
  • controllers: worked inside of Members controller

Deletions: replaced “active” column with “status” column in Members relation. Active was a boolean, Status is a string (default “Active”, dropdown choices “Active/Inactive”)

Set-backs: Deciding on how to assign a group_id to each new Member instance took some thought, and I’m still considering/searching for other options. I went the IronLibrary route, looking to the relationship between books and authors for a start. Group_id’s are represented by the associated coach_full_name and class_time specific to that id in a dropdown menu that’s part of the member creation form (also available in edit/update). This is great for moving a member to a new group (class time) which is a common occurrence at any gym. At the moment, all group_id’s in database are present in dropdown, so will need to filter to show only those that carry the current_user id (groups i.e. classes specific to a certain user i.e. gym).

Breakthroughs: Utilizing the dropdown to assign group_id to members in a way that allows flexibility with member class changes (dropdown como IronLibrary).

Today’s Takeaway: Save time by looking to past experiences/projects (IronLibrary in this case) before wasting hours sifting through google search results that sorta-kinda halfway remedy the current dilemma.

Tomorrow’s Goal: filtered dropdown, Measurements controller/model, styling, seeds, data manipulation/graphs

Questions: Texas vs Notre Dame on a Sunday?? wtf ncaa?

PR: #13-#18