TIY Final Project: Days Twelve & Thirteen


  • Nav Bar Graphs: Member specific graphs and Gym specific graphs added to application
  • Styling: having to rake assets:precompile everytime I make changes to scss files or else no style changes show on Heroku. Have never had to do this before. Files generated are thousands of lines long, and bc of this, my GitHub repo shows my final project to be all CSS with a splash of Ruby. First time with the terminal command was when I was having issues getting the fadeOut.js to function in production. Have had to do it a few times since. Project works as is, but need to look into the what and why behind all of this. See Rails Asset Pipeline:



  • gems:


  • none to note

Set-backs: While solving the Heroku image issue, I bundle updated EVERY gem which led to a minor headache. Once I realized that was the problem, I rolled back the updated gems that were causing trouble in their new state.


  • Chartkick is badass. One-liner for quality, visually-appealing graphs. Very little configuration necessary. As user-friendly as charts get, but I’ve only scratched the surface. 3 days left to work on projects, so I plan to play with Chartkick a bit more and see what other data-representations I can add that will be of value to the user.
  • Chosen-rails will really add to user experience, especially once a gym is working with a good number of members. Dropdowns can quickly turn into a mess, and Chosen allows devs to keep their users happy with friendly, searchable dropdown menus.
  • Image issue with Heroku was solved with an edit to the refile-postgres version number in the gemfile.

Today’s Takeaway: When updating a gem in the gemfile, be specific in command line about which gem needs to be updated. Updating everything will not end well and will create more work/headaches.

Tomorrow’s Goal: Decide on more graphs, col style. Seed db. Roo and Mailer. Feature test. Portfolio.

Questions: Ask about rake assets:precompile

PR: #43-#59