A couple of months ago, I created with some friends a puzzle game. The rules are simple and insipired by the Rubick’s Cube game. Creating a 2D version of a world famous game was a challenge for us. The next challenge is to find an efficient way to solve the game.

The main difference between Rubick’s Cube and Rubis square is that instead of a cube you have 9 squares in a 3x3 grid and 3 colors: red, green and blue. When you click on a square, this square and the ones next to it will change color. The colors change following the cycle: red => green =>blue => red …

The goal is to set all the squares to the same color.

I called this game “Rubis Square” and to play it I created a mini android app with the Ionic framework. Try to install the game and solve it before reading the solution ;)

In the game, this level is number 13, so you will have to solve easier ones before you can play it.

Let’s say that a tile has been activated when its color has been changed once (red => green) and activated x times if its color has been changed x times. If you can activate all the tiles x times except one which will be activated y times then you can find a serie of moves that will solve the Rubis Square.

If this is not clear to you yet, it will become cristal clear with the GIF.

While experimenting with my friends and the app, we found three patterns that you can use to solve the game:

1- Change the color of the middle centered square.

2- Change the color of a square in a corner.

3- To change the color of a square in the midddle of a side, click on it to change its color. Then you can use steps 1 and 2 to solve the grid.

Here are the moves for each steps:

1- Middle square:

2- Corner Squares:

By combining theses moves you should be able to easily set all the tiles to the same color, Enjoy !

To enhance our game, we decided to change the number of colors and to create fun grid shapes. Playing with these two parameters allowed us to create more than 80 different configurations. Some of them are really hard to solve ! We sorted the configurations based on difficulty and created levels for our game. Then we published the app on the PlayStore under the name Rubis Square.


We allowed ourselves one month to create a nice and simple design, and develop the game, so we could show to our friends what we had done.

Thanks for reading, feel free to share your methods to solve more complex configurations !

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