A praise to her exquisite fragrance!

As far as i can remember, i always loved to go down on women! Since my first sexual experience, licking a pussy got me extremely horny!

Adding to that, giving satisfaction even before penetration was smoothing the possible fear of penetrative performance. Idea that if i could give her an orgasm before penetration i was less stressed about coming too fast, big release! It helped me deal with the idea of me being a good lover.

For giving them pleasure but mostly for my own and for the performance, i was happy to explore more that aspect of the sexuality. Almost every time i made love with a woman, i got down on her. Even if a quicky, at least a lick or a kiss.

Through my years of sexual life, came a period of time where i was lost in the performance. I forgot about my own pleasure and i begun to be more mechanical, following a routine almost. I have to say, this was a very poor period of in terms of shared sexuality. There was no much satisfaction, a lot of self judgment and doubts.

Then the wheel turn and i got a period of zero performance, but pure egoism for pleasure, i wanted to lick a pussy!

This period was the opposite, extremely sexual and sensual, horny all day long. I licked so many of them, the memory of it is like a trance into bliss! During this times, often the penetration was not at all needed. I rejoiced so much, it happened that i got more satisfaction licking than penetrating! I became a fetishist of the Yoni!

Trough these years of devotion, I willingly and lovingly learned how to worship them in so many ways.

From a technical aspect but also from the feeling of pleasure in doing it!

Sensually, very wet and sliding, licking and caressing.

Intensely, with ardor and ravishment, firmly grabbing the ass.

Slowly, lips kissing lips, with loving care for every single millimeter of the Yoni!

So many ways to worship her!

I’ve seen Yonis of so many different shapes and sizes!

From the tiny one, with almost no external lips, looking like shy and innocent, like a treasure never opened; to the wide open flower, lips undulating like petals, letting apparent her sweet pearl…

To be clear and honest, i’ve never seen a «ugly yoni», i don’t know how can it be ugly!

Even though i was having preferences, i quickly realize that they were only mental and of a little influence.

The appreciation of the appearance was not the factor determining if i would rejoice licking it.

The real criterium was the smell! Oh, the smell! So under valued sense! Within it the nature, through hormones, expresses itself!

The smell is a sense that cannot be wrong. It can be fooled by perfumes, but it cannot be wrong!

Linked to the smell, there is the taste too!

By experience i’ve seen that they are the same: «they taste as they smell». If i liked the smell (which comes first) i will like the taste!

I noticed it’s importance very soon after my first experiences. It was actually for me the ultimate confirmation of a sexual compatibility, or incompatibility!

I even remember few times, going into love making with a woman, going down on her, and disliking the smell… so i had to stop. Complete turn off!

With my actual partner, we have a quite open and healthy sexual life.

I madly love her yoni since the very beginning! Shape, taste and smell!

I always delighted it, but It’s been few weeks that i was particularly aware of her smell. She could be sitting few meters from me and with a light breeze, her smell reaches my senses!

Curious and surprised to see how deep if affected me, i put more awareness into it. How can a smell could brings me so quickly to a high state of arousal? And so many different forms of arousal!

It could bring a huge horniness, a need to take her right here and now.

A sweet longing to feel her taste on my lips. Wanting to be drunk from her.

Or the genuine desire to rest and breath her like lovers melting together.

This morning she was feeling a bit confused, so i proposed her to sit and relax while i lick her… it alway helps!

I put my head on her tight, facing her yoni. I let her smell penetrate me. I was going to quickly take my tongue out, but…

…Oh my God, this perfume, so delicious, exquisite gift from her flower… the mind turns off, the heart open, my whole body relax.

Breathing there, It fed the fire of an attraction beyond mind and tastes! An attraction from every cells of my body toward her. A desire to melt in it, become one and forever swim in this sweet ocean of pleasure.

That smell bewitched me! It was like been totally nestled inside a cocoon made of her fragrance; cuddling with the softest cotton cloud.

Sinking slowly into the infinite… back to where i am from! Consciousness.

Yoni’s perfume is an infallible charm written at the core of our physical manifestation…

In love with Shakti’s ultimate bait to attract me in her Divine dance!