My (little) waste lifestyle

Living waste free has been something I've dabbled with for a long time now. My initial attempts came to an abrupt stop 6 months back when I tried to introduce a worm-based composting system in a cramped 6 person São Paulo apartment. I have tried making my own shampoo, toothpaste and deoderant which all seem to be baking soda derivatives. The products I created were not products I would want to use on a daily basis.

So I gave it all up. I don't want to sacrifice feeling good just to make minor environmental differences. The catch is that it is difficult to avoid being conscious of your daily actions after you become so aware of your environmental footprint.

My conscious was killing me.

I was constantly aware of the energy, water and waste I was using/producing in a very negative way.

This mindset recently morphed when I was working on a farm in Southern Ecuador. All the power came from two large solar panels. I never felt guilty for using energy because it was a natural source with little to no impact and the energy itslef would most likely have gone unused if not for my consumption. In a world where green energy is omnipresent, I believe we will have much better relationships with energy consumption, the planet and ourselves. We'll be able to feel good and do good without compromise. But until then I want to take joy in the little things I try (and often don't succeed but it's the effort that's important) to do to make a difference:

  • Taking Cold Showers
  • Avoiding Plastic Packaging at Grocery Stores/Bringing my Own Bags
  • Buying Package-free Soap Bars
  • Using a Bio-Degradeble Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Eating Little Meat and Meat Products (real tough)
  • Turning Off the Lights
  • Recycle/Compost
  • Wearing my Fathers Clothes
  • Only Buying Things I Truly Need
  • Not Driving Alone/Biking Everywhere
"Do small things with great love" - Mother Theresa