Records & Tuples, a very interesting proposal, has just reached stage 2 at TC39. They bring deeply immutable data structures to JavaScript.

But don’t overlook their equality properties, that are VERY interesting for React.

A whole category of React bugs are related to unstable object identities:

I will explain the basics of Records & Tuples, and how they can solve real world React issues.

Records & Tuples 101

This article is about Records & Tuples <u>for React</u>. I’ll only cover the basics here.

They look like regular Objects and Arrays, with a # prefix.

const record = #{a: 1, b: 2};record.a; …

Sébastien Lorber is a React Native developer, member of the react navigation team. He’s pleased to announce his latest contribution: Instagram-like history-based back behavior for all tab navigators.

Before react navigation 3.2, the only back behaviors available for a tab navigator were:

For a long time, it has been requested to add more back behaviors to tab navigators (link1 link2 link3 link4 link5). An official RFC was made to design the feature.

In case you missed it, two new…

Reply to “Stop Trying to Catch Me”

Original blog:

So to sum up what you really seems to want is:
- Fail fast on typos
- Easily find the typos

I guess you also mean other kind of programmer errors like calling methods on undefined…

Just some words on Java/Scala

I’m going to talk about what exist in other languages so just to avoid confusion.
Scala runs on the JVM and uses Java libs.

A javascript promise is a bit like a Java or Scala Future.
This can be quite confusing but we have a different terminology for almost exactly the same thing.


Sebastien LORBER

React developer since 2014

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