At first i thought ‘A Cure For Wellness’ is gonna end up as a ‘Shutter Island’-copycat. Good thing of it: It is not a copycat. It is a psycho thriller, since its going more the body horror route and — disappointingly — has a lackluster story, even though the setup was actually pretty good.

The cinematography in this picture is very well done. They play around with darkness in pleasant way that i was not sitting in front of the screen with “what the fuck am i supposed to see here, i cant see shit!”-moments.

The acting was also good, even though the casting itself told too much about the film and made it sort of predictable. As well es Dane DeHaan also got put in a role of an unlikable character, which he always can sell, but i am used to see him in those roles right now.

Sadly, there are a bunch of unanswered questions as well as pacing issues, where the film begins to drag and lacks useful progression at around the middle of the movie.

Also: The ending is — as it is definitive — still too vague for my taste.

There are some cool scenes in this, but you know about the ending long before it arrives. If you still like to see some grotesque stuff, this can be an alright rental.

5 out of 10.