After watching ‘Avengers 2 — Age Of Ultron’ i felt a bit bummed out on the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Nothing exciting was going on, everything felt way too safe and the character progression was not impactful enough for my taste, despite of the just okay story. Sure, ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ was a good flick, but made not much sense with the abscence of almost every Avenger we got introduced to.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ was such a relief to all of it. My excitement is back, thanks to this. This felt like a good comic book movie. The action was fantastic, every fight was awesome to watch and had awesome choreographies, where characters used their abilities in a creative fashion. The one liners and conversations didnt felt too forced and were actually funny this time when they needed to, while the story gives us answers and more good(!) questions that need to be answered in the upcoming films or to be short: There was actually something happening. A very nice change in this franchise.

I had a lot of fun and probably so do you.

9 out of 10.