A new thing

Today I’m starting a new thing.

If you’ve followed my writing over the past 15 years or so, you might have noticed that its become a little sparser and more irregular. Scattered across several parts of the internet too. The short form ideas that I used to blog about have become reduced to tweets, or just not shared at all. At the same time the sheer volume and diversity of things that I have to talk about has vastly increased — my work in museums has grown and broadened, my music and art experiences similarly. And, as an ageing parent, there are all sorts of other new things I didn’t know I cared about too.

In my ‘unpublished drafts’ lie a stack of half written pieces — moments that still carry weight and meaning but are too long for social media but too unformulated for a fullscale article.

So, following the lead of some friends, I’m trying a new thing — a return to a semi-regular email newsletter.

Sometimes this will be — a short essay; a series of thoughts about museums, music, art, life; a playlist; a set of links. And sometimes all of the above.

I’m not sure how frequent these will be, but they will certainly be more regular than my current posting schedule. And because its an email newsletter these thoughts might be able to be a bit more raw, a bit edgier, and certianly more ‘of the moment’.

If you’d like to join me on this experiment you can subscribe at — sebchan.substack.com