Field Study: Benchmarking Visitor Behaviors and Mobile Device Usage in the Museum
Jeffrey Inscho

On people photographing the people they are with instead of objects/things — I don’t think this is unexpected.

Now the camera has become fully integrated into a social device in our lives it makes perfect sense that the majority of its usage would be about ‘documenting sociality’ in social settings.

I’d be pretty confident you’d find the segment of ‘primarily social photographers’ has grown enormously since the camera/smartphone fusion has happened.

Although whether this is a result of greater accessibility of cameras — and thus a broader user population — or the device integration is almost certainly being researched by others.

Once you’ve built trust with visitors you may want to ask some of them to show you their last 20 photos taken and categorize them by ‘people’ vs ‘things’ vs ‘places’. That might help you categorize them into different types of social photographer.

[If you asked me, only 4 of my last 20 photographs feature people in them.]