Immersion, intimacy and attention in VR
Renae Mason

Sounds like Storyscapes was good again this year! [I really enjoyed the 2015 selections]

I got to try the prologue for Irrational Exurberance on the HTC Vive when I was in LA last week at Glitch City and its definitely one of the more exciting VR pieces I’ve played with — it generated that rare sense of wonder that a lot of VR hasn’t yet quite reached. The full version should be out later in year but if you get a chance . . . It makes full use of the HTC’s controllers, one in each hand giving a more ‘embodied’ experience that just a headset — and that extra layer of interactivity, along with stunning sound design, makes it all the more sublime.

I’m hopeful that the ACMI commisisoned VR piece ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’ (with Sydney Dance Company) will make it over to NYC soon — I think you’d like it. It definitely triggered that performativeness when it was in the museum — something that the documentary-style pieces often lack.

Its still going to be quite a while before the production of these sorts of experiences are cheap and easy enough for small to medium museums, let alone in-house teams to produce. The post production, alone, is too complicated (even if the new Adobe suite makes it a little easier). I’m also curious as to how to make these experiences work well in museums that are primarily social spaces.

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