Digital with a Lean Team
JiaJia Fei

The Guggenheim (and the Met) were always going to be the exception not the rule!

Internationally, the vast majority of cultural institutions have tiny ‘digital’ teams although in larger organisations most of the more obviously marketing-oriented functions (SEO/SEM, email, social) are now being sensibly baked into marketing job descriptions. ‘Tiny’ is also relative to total organisation size.

The real challenge lies — as it always has — in transforming the ‘rest of the museum’ (curatorial, education, public programs, conservation etc) into having some of the content development demands of ‘digital’ baked, not only into their job descriptions, but into the workflows. Workflows are hard to change as Robert Weisberg, Lisa Adang & Sam Brenner, and Lucie Paterson (MW17 paper) amongst many others will attest.

Tiny digital teams have often, if not always, performed better than their larger unwiedly counterparts. That’s not to say its a good or sustainable thing to have tiny teams, but it does reduce the management overhead.

Nevertheless, its a lovely and stark graphic!

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